The Online Rental Exchange
Your Total Solution for Bad-Debt Management

Imagine giving your property managers the power to:
  • Verify the identity of each new tenant
  • Review outstanding rental bills
  • Access criminal records
The Tools to Succeed
  • Reliable social security verification that protects your business from applicants submitting fraudulent applications.
  • The strength of a full Equifax credit file that shows you all the information you need to make the right rental decision.
Exchange Data
  • You and your neighboring rental providers help each other track rental deadbeats who habitually cause damage and default on rent.
  • Makes it difficult for potential tenants to give false references.
Criminal Background Checks
  • We offer the first statewide North Dakota background search that has same day availability.
  • Check the criminal history of a prospective tenant with our 34 state instant search.
  • You can search any of the 34 states for instant criminal conviction records right at your computer.
Service and Support
  • We strive to provide our customers with service and support that exceeds expectations.
  • No support or technical fees.
To learn more, give Pete a call at 1-888-223-3328 or log onto our website at to perform a demo.

Other Online Services

We are also able to offer our clients sophisticated skip tracing tools to support your collections activities. We can provide direct client access to:
  • Online credit reports from all 3 major vendors
  • Online social security checks from all 3 major vendors
  • Online credit scores